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About the artist...
A little history. If it weren't for the tiny, insignificant detail of being born in Georgia, Jerry would be a 5th generation Fort Worthian! He got here as fast as he could, though, starting at Paschal High School and later graduating from The University of Texas at Austin and returning to Fort Worth as a Certified Public Accountant. In 1992, he married his wonderful and lovely wife, Gina, and they have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. With 13 years of photographic experience under his belt, Jerry took the big plunge and opened a studio on Camp Bowie Boulevard. Thus, Tucker Fine Portraiture was estabilished in 1997. Since then, the storefront has been reorganized into a home studio and the rest is history.
Dedication to creativity. Jerry continuously invests a great amount of time and resources to artistic study and development. Each year, many hours are spent preparing portraits for print competition, to gain critical feedback and validation of
skills and creativity from peers at the local, state and international levels. Over the years, Jerry has become a Full Fellow of the Fort Worth Professional Photographers Association, twice served on their Board of Directors, received their Photographer of the Year award, received the prestigious Kodak Gallery Award, been published in a coffee table book by Kodak, had a portrait hang in Disney World's Epcot Center, received the Best Overall Portrait and Best Portrait of a Child awards for the state of Texas, plus numerous merit placement awards at the state and national levels.
Art by the artist -- start to finish. Why invest in a Tucker? Jerry is one of a scarce few artists to creatively enhance his own images. Only half a portrait is created from behind the camera. The other half is created in print interpretation, enhancement and technique, and should not be left to a technician. He is now creating portraits on substrates with a longer archive life, using a wider range of the color spectrum, with control and creativity simply not possible using traditional photographic methods.
Guarantee of quality and assured value. We offer only the finest products, materials and workmanship. We'll never cut a corner, and invite comparison to any photographic portrait product. To back it up, our guarantees are in writing. A Tucker portrait is second to none.
Assured delivery. We not only control the quality of your finished portrait, we control its completion schedule. If you want it, we can do it.

Honors And Awards...

Full Fellow of the Fort Worth Professional Photographers Association

Photographer Of The Year (Fort Worth Professional Photographers Association)

Best Overall Portrait (Texas)

Best Portrait Of A Child (Texas)

Kodak Gallery Award (National)

Professional Photographers Of America General Collection (International)

Member, Fort Worth Professional Photographers' Association
Member, Texas Professional Photographers' Association
Member, Professional Photographers of America
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